Journals are often associated with diaries. As in when your sibling snuck into your room and read that you had a crush on the kid next door in fourth grade. But gratitude journals are a different animal.

According to the Oxford dictionary, gratitude means “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” Practicing gratitude just once can improve mood, lower stress, reduce pain, and improve sleep quality. In addition, practicing gratitude helps individuals feel a connection the bigger world around them. Studies have shown a connection between practicing gratitude and overall happiness and well-being. Practicing gratitude actually makes positive changes the brain!

Practicing this for even as small as a minute or two causes us to shift our focus on the positive things going on in our lives, even at times when it may feel nothing is going right.

Here is my gratitude journal for the week:

  1. Family
  2. Health
  3. The opportunity to buy a house
  4. My pets snuggling with me
  5. Feeling the warm sun on my face
  6. Support from co-workers
  7. Waking up each morning
  8. Green grass
  9. Feeling heard by people I love
  10. Feeling safe

So, with this, I challenge you this week to write down 10 things you are grateful. Who knows, maybe this will turn into a weekly habit, such as grabbing that cup of coffee in the morning!

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