Our pets have a knack for finding cozy spaces around the house to relax. For this week’s self-care series installment, we will take a tip from our fuzzy friends and learn how to create a calm haven in our own home.

Whether it’s an entire room or simply a corner, it is important to have a space that is just yours — one that you and you alone control. Especially in these chaotic times, feeling that little bit in control can go a long way toward increasing feelings of calmness.

Creating a Calm Haven:

1. First, choose a space that is out of the way of the flow of traffic but not completely isolated. No need to go to your attic or unfinished basement.

2. Next, place in this area things that make your smile. Keep in mind your senses and have something for at least these four (I’m leaving out taste because I don’t want your kids or significant other telling you that “the therapist” told them it was OK to have a treat whenever they are in their haven):
See: You can have a picture of your favorite pet, a print out of that funny meme someone sent you or a picture of a cute baby (human or otherwise).
Hear: Play calm music or calm nature sounds. A sound machine or app works well for this.
Smell: Our sense of smell is our sense that seems to get overlooked the most but in actuality packs the most punch. Smells help us remember things and send soothing messages to our brain. A scented candle (even an unlit one) or a jar of your favorite spice work well. Need a suggestion? Try mulling spices or cinnamon.
Touch: Find a smooth stone, soft stuffed animal or a piece of silk — just something you can roll around in your hands or run your fingers over that makes you smile or just feels nice.

3. The only rule: Everyone gets their own space. No space sharing. And no one else is allowed to move or change your space either. This is your space to control and enjoy. 

Whether you spend a few seconds or a few hours here per day, this space can help you feel more at peace or more calm.

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